Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Ball in the Bubble

I have a friend who paints beautiful pictures of Pink Flamingos in ball gowns, tuxes and tutus. They are wonderfully amusing.  
One day I was out in the back yard with a giant bubble wand. There were bubbles popping all over the yard and I began grinning from ear to ear.  All of a sudden I got the idea for this poem. I stood there in the yard with bubbles floating all around while I conjured "The Ball in the Bubble", an inspiration from a piece of art.  I got one bubble over two houses and into the highest tree in the next yard over and then I ran inside to write this down.

The Ball in the Bubble
by Zane Carriker

Once I thought to myself that I'd seen it all,
Till I took a look into a crystal oddball.
Was I daring or dreaming or looking for trouble,
When I blew through the ring that read "Crystal Ball Bubble".

From out of the bubble the images came,
As it shimmered and floated and fluttered like flame.
I've seen some strange things, I'll tell you that,
But, never a flamingo in tails and top hat.

They flew in by the dozens to a crystalline hall.
Flamingos all flocking to a great crystal ball.
To a dazzling ballroom, gaudy with glitz,
Where flamboyant flamingos go to put on the Ritz.

One flaming flamingo, pretty as you please,
Prances pink pirouettes on stark stalky knees.
One flashing flyer, across the dance floor he sails,
Turning the tango in tuxedo and tails.

Flamingo and flamingo, round they go one and all,
Dancing the flamenco at the flamingo ball.
Just pink flamingos, no cranes or egrets,
Jingling and jangling brass cast castanets.

All dancing round on pearly pink wings,
With boas and bangles and earrings and things.
All fine feathered friends in the finest of threads,
With coats on their tails and top hats on their heads.

That's what I saw in that odd bubble ball.
At least that's what my memory seems to think I recall.
I've seen some strange things, I'll tell you that,
But, never a flamingo in tails and top hat.

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