The Quantum Poetizer

The Quantum Poetizer is a software program which I've been developing for over three years. I was continually disappointed with on-line rhyming dictionaries because they produce long and useless lists of words that "kind of rhyme". Sometimes you get lists of over a thousand words or more.

I wrote my own rhyming scheme from the perspective of a poet and then I topped it off with a word parser and six word games.

The on-line version is different from all others in that it gives you multiple ways to rhyme with each word search. All the others I've seen show only one. You can select end rhyme, two syllable rhyme or alliteration, but only one at a time. I'm showing you eight different lists at one glance. The Reason? You can read across the lists to create multiple word rhymes. In "The Ball in the Bubble" I refer to the bubble as it "Shimmered and floated and fluttered like flame". Three "fl" words in a row and it's easy to do reading across the alliteration lists.

If you're a poet you will love the Quantum Poetizer
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